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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Promo Tune Hotel for Pattaya

Salam :)

Well, aku dok browse ape yg Tune Hotel ni promo..smiling face katanya..jadi, bila aku dok gugle kat page tommyooi, the promotion is for Pattaya Tune Hotel ONLY. Jadi, aku gagahkan diri untuk melihat harga hotel tersebut..

So....date randomly picked for my experiment is between :: 26-28 February 2013 (3days 2nite)

Therefore, harga sebilik adalah - THB 338 (promo price)

harga promo adalah thb338 for 3d2n

Lepas tu, aku add several kits (Tune mmg gini..topup la segala) - aku pilih yang promo

pilih additional kits as your wish

Then, tadaaaa....ur-customize-tune-pattaya-hotel is complete!!! Harga yang mereka bagi to me adalah THB 767.82 ~ THB 800 (around RM80 for 3d2n)...very cheap!!!!!

see..very cheap..rm80 for 3d2n in Pattaya

I cant say Tune Hotel is the best option you'll have when you stay at Pattaya. You still can have any hotel/ hostel within your budget. Well, if you want to discover any attractions in Pattaya, you can visit these pages..one of the attractions list is suggestion to see cabaret by lady boys (hehe) (GoThailand, Mypattaya, Virtualtourist, dLL)..

Have a nice holiday kawan-kawan.. peace.out

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